Verdun Group is helping tens of women in India and Africa to start their own business

“Nothing moves me more than to meet such a proud woman who has lifted herself out of poverty and now runs a successful enterprise”
– Percy Barnevik, Chairman, Hand in Hand International

Verdun Group has this year chosen to donate a Christmas Present to the
“Reduce Poverty Through Job Creation” project by Hand in Hand International
Hand in Hand is helping women finding the way out of poverty by starting their own business.

About the Hand in Hand Project

Our vision is to eliminate poverty through education and business development. The ambition is to create 10 million jobs in 10 years. We are presently working in India, South- and East Africa and Afghanistan.

Hand in Hand mobilizes women in self-help groups where they learn reading, writing, arithmetic, and receive training in entrepreneurship, finance and marketing. Women are also trained in business and offer loans for financing so they can start their own micro-businesses, such as gardening, baking, or tailoring.

The women begin to regularly save small sums. Once they have demonstrated their financial discipline and completion of the course, we link them to one lending institution where they are offered micro-loans. The loans are used only for investment to their business, the startup of new or developing existing micro enterprises. Micro loans are provided by local banks and on normal commercial terms.

Verdun Group is supporting female entrepreneurs, so that operations can be further developed.

 Merry Christmas and the best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

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